I hired Sean Druyon to take care of my felony DUI case this past year. He did an amazing job. I am studying to be an R.N. and am a single mother and was concerned that I would have a felony on my record and would be going to prison. Being the mother of three small children I was worried that my children would be wards of the state. Sean got the felony dismissed! I am so pleased! I would recommend him to anyone that is facing similar charges. He was always prepared and very responsive to all my questions throughout the entire process.

K.H., Salt Lake City, Utah

Sean Druyon represented me on charges of Rape of a Child. His fees were very reasonable considering the experience he had. I interviewed a handful of other attorneys and he seemed to take the time to really listen to my situation and care about me and my family and how these charges would affect my employment. In the end, he was able to get the charges dismissed after hiring a private investigator that got the alleged victim to recant her story. It was all on tape and when the prosecutor listened to the tape she knew she would have a tough time taking the matter to trial.

R.M, Salt Lake City, Utah

Unfortunately I have had my share of attorneys in the past, as I have battled a drug addiction for the past decade or so. Sean Druyon took my case and was willing to work with me despite my history. He proactively researched drug rehab facilities and persuaded the courts to put me on probation instead of sending me to prison. I was able to do Drug Court and turn my life around. Thanks to Sean's extra effort and willingness to see the good in me, I believe I was rehabilitated instead of just being sent to prison.

R.B., Centerville, Utah

I would highly recommend Sean Druyon for any criminal case you may have. He not only handled my son's DUI, but my husband's, drug charges. He was able to get my son's matter reduced from a DUI to an open container violation, and my husband's matters will be dismissed so there will be nothing on his record. This was very important to our family since my husband would have been terminated from his job and would have significantly impacted our entire family. Sean Druyon took the time to listen to our objectives and determine what course of action would help us best realize those objectives. He prepared us for each hearing that was coming up so we didn't feel overwhelmed with the unexpected. I thought Sean did a wonderful job. My husband is getting counseling for his marijuana offense and as soon as he is done with that counseling, the case will be dismissed. I couldn't be more happy.