Pardon & Expungement Obtained on Sex Abuse Case

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Case Results for Child Sexual Abuse Case in Utah

This past week we were able to convince the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole (UBPP) to pardon and expunge the records of our client, a gentleman that had committed a sex offense against his daughter when she was 13 years old.

The Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), a legislatively created organization, had denied him eligibility for an expungement because the offense was a sex abuse of a child or minor and, as such, he could not qualify under the expungement statute. Notwithstanding, under the pardon statute, UBPP has the power under the executive branch of the governor, to not only pardon an offense, but to order it to be expunged as well in certain circumstances.

The Board asked some very difficult questions to see if this case was just one of those special circumstances. The Board asked questions such as why my client believed he committed the act in the first place, what he has done to make amends to the victim, what he had done to rehabilitate himself, what he had done to give back to the community, what he had done to better himself as a person and, finally, what steps was he taking to ensure the offense would never happen again.

Although these questions were difficult to answer, as they caused my client to open up and be honest and to open some old wounds, it was nonetheless essential to convince the Board that he was fully remorseful and rehabilitated and deserving of a fresh start in life.

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