Mr. Druyon Resolves Abuse Case

I just resolved a case in which the defendant was charged with multiple forcible sex abuse of a minor charges, with lifetime prison implications.  My client denied the charges from day one.  Our private investigator found that the alleged victim was a 16 year old that had a reputation for fabricating stories to get attention and had mental illness issues, was a substance abuser, was engaging in illegal activities, and had a motive to lie about my client so he could return to live with his biological mother;  all these discoveries undermined his credibility.  After a year and a half of litigation, we resolved the case by defendant pleading to a class A misdemeanor sexual battery charge, which will have no sex offender registration requirement.  Client, although still denying inappropriately touching this boy, nonetheless was happy with the result because he did not want to drag his family through a lengthy trial and wanted to get this whole ordeal behind him.  Sometimes it takes patience and a little digging in order to get a great result.


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