How to Avoid Jail & Save Your Driver’s License After a DUI

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5 Steps to Avoid Jail Time & Keep Your License After a Utah DUI

Have you been arrested for driving while under the influence in Utah? A DUI arrest can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful experience. It’s critical to understand your constitutional rights and the necessary steps you have to take next to avoid the serious consequences associated with a conviction. The decisions you make following your DUI arrest will determine whether or not you’re convicted and the severity of penalties you face.<!–more–>

In order to avoid jail time and prevent your driver’s license from being suspended, you must do these 5 steps immediately after a DUI arrest in Utah:

Don’t wait to contact a Utah DUI defense attorney after your arrest

Don’t wait to contact a Utah DUI attorney! You should start researching potential lawyers to help you with your case immediately after being arrested for a DUI. A defense attorney can help you navigate the complex legal system, understand your rights, avoid automatic license suspensions, represent you at hearings, and more. The longer you wait to contact a DUI lawyer, the less prepared your defense can be and the more it will hurt your overall case. The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the more that can be done to build an effective defense for you.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free initial consultations with our Utah DUI attorney, Mr. Sean Druyon. We will review the specific details of your case, weigh your best options, and go over all of the ways we’ve obtained significant reductions or case dismissals for other drunk driving cases. Hiring an experienced attorney like ours will improve your chances of beating your DUI or having your charges significantly reduced.

Request a hearing with the driver’s license division within 10 days of your DUI arrest

IMPORTANT! If you don’t request a hearing with the Driver’s License Division in 10 days from your DUI arrest in Utah, you will automatically lose your driver’s license after 30 days. Our DUI attorney in Salt Lake City will do this for you for free – no obligation!

Most drivers are given a citation for a Salt Lake City DUI. If you were given one, look at the bottom of the citation. It will likely tell you that the citation is good as a temporary license for 30 days. It will also tell you that you need to request a hearing with Utah’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver’s License Division within 10 calendar days or you will automatically lose your license after the thirtieth day from your DUI arrest.

Why have our Salt Lake City DUI attorney handle this for you?

Our experienced legal team will send the DUI hearing request for your case, completely free of charge and no obligation to hire us.

  • If you request the hearing on your own, you will not be given any evidence from the police department.
  • If you have us request the hearing, we will get police reports, toxicology reports, witness statements, etc. so that we can be fully prepared for the hearing..

We typically get the notice of hearing within a week to a week and a half after sending in the request, so there is not a lot of time to prepare. If you decide not to hire us, we will send you all of the evidence we obtained for your case, also free of charge. We understand how stressful being charged with a DUI can be, and we want you to understand that we are here to help you as much as we can.

Hire an experienced Utah DUI attorney to handle everything for you

Don’t face your DUI charges alone. While it may sound tempting to represent yourself, it’s always in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you (even if you are a certified defense attorney yourself). Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer like Sean Druyon at Utah Freedom Fighters can make the difference between a conviction and having your charges dropped. Sean Druyon has over 20 years of experience defending clients against drunk driving charges in Utah. He knows what it takes to help you win.

Once you retain us as your legal representation, we will handle every aspect of your case for you from start to finish. We pledge to always be dedicated, zealous, and fierce when it comes to defending your freedom. Utah Freedom Fighters has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and minimize the negative impact a DUI conviction can have on your life. Take advantage of the risk-free case evaluation to see how the DUI attorney can help you.

Check-in with the court within 5-14 days to avoid a warrant after your DUI arrest

IMPORTANT! If you don’t check-in with the court within 14 days from your DUI arrest, a warrant will likely be issued for your arrest. When you hire our DUI attorney, we will take care of everything so no warrants will be issued.

If you haven’t decided on a DUI attorney in Salt Lake City yet, at least call the court within 5-14 days and they will set up a first hearing for you. That hearing will be called an arraignment. This is where you will plead guilty or not guilty. Whatever you do, DON’T go to the arraignment alone. It is best to have hired a DUI attorney prior to this. If you attend this hearing alone, the prosecutor will want to talk to you and hear “your side of the story”. Don’t be tempted to talk to them, no matter how friendly and nice they seem to be. We are not telling you this just to get your business.

Why shouldn’t you talk to prosecutors?

Listen up – the reason for not speaking to the prosecuting attorney is simple: they want you to talk to give them an advantage. When you talk, you’ll likely give them insights on how to beat you when you go to trial. They will throw an offer out for you to consider, but of course it won’t be the best offer you can get. If you don’t accept their first offer, they’ll threaten to take your case to trial knowing you won’t know how to try the case yourself, the rules of criminal procedure, how to cross examine a police officer, or present evidence.

Don’t give the prosecutors an advantage! Hire our expert Salt Lake City DUI defense attorney. We will file a document with the court entering a NOT GUILTY plea and request a pre-trial conference. This is a conference between attorneys at the courthouse that encourages us to negotiate a resolution so a trial can be avoided. Oftentimes, our expert attorney is able to get the DUI charges dropped or significantly reduced due to his investigative skills and the evidence he finds that weakens the prosecutor’s case. If not, our legal team is fully prepared to take the case to trial and win!

Review the “Top 15 Ways to Beat Your DUI

Just because you’re arrested for a crime, doesn’t mean you’re automatically guilty or convicted of that crime. Did you know that it is possible to beat a DUI in Utah? Our Salt Lake City DUI lawyer has handled over 3,500+ drunk driving cases and has put together the most common ways we’ve successfully defended clients against DUI charges. Discover the top ways to beat a Utah DUI or have your charges significantly reduced.

Once you read the best ways to beat a DUI, get in touch with our DUI attorney to discuss your case further. You will see that DUIs are beatable with the right lawyer and you should never give up just because it is “your word versus the cops word.” You should never give up defending your rights, because we won’t either.

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