Once Charges Have Been Filed

Once charges have been filed, it is crucial to get effective and experienced representation to maximize the chances of the defendant not being incarcerated or ordered to a sentence that is unjust. At Utah Freedom Fighters we have helped thousands of individuals wade through the criminal court process, from the initial appearance to the trial and beyond. We are committed to preparing for each and every hearing, and take pride in communicating with our clients what they need to do to prepare for upcoming hearings and/or trial, in addition to what we will do along each step of the way. When clients see that we have a clear gameplan and execute that gameplan, it builds trust and confidence that the matter will be handled competently and effectively to help the client meet his/her objectives. In the following pages we will explain to you what each hearing is, whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, and explain what needs to happen prior to each hearing to ensure the best result.

If the Prosecutor is adamant at filing charges, an effective defense attorney will negotiate either a low bail or no bail so the defendant will not have to spend a lot of money posting bail to get out of jail. A standard felony bail can be anywhere from $5,000 to over $250,000 on a child molestation case. An effective attorney will also be able to negotiate a release to Pre-Trial Services so no bail will be required at all. If a PreTrial agreement is reached, the defendant may be required to periodically check in with a pre-trial supervisor to ensure he is still in the State of Utah, and knows when his court hearings are, as discussed below.

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