After Charges Have Been Resolved

Reducing Your Charge

Even if you have had a conviction on your record, you may still be eligible for a reduction.   A reduction can take a felony down to a misdemeanor, making you eligible for gun possession and ownership, voting, professional licensing, etc.   It can also make you eligible for an expungement quicker, or eligible at all.   For example, under the current Utah Code, a Class A misdemeanor takes 5 years to expunge after probation has been successfully completed.  A two step reduction would mean that you could get the conviction expunged in only three years.   Additionally, a person with multiple misdemeanors may not qualify for an expungement; therefore, getting an expungement on misdemeanors down to infractions would then qualify the person for an expungement, whereas before they would not be eligible.

Expunging Your Record

Even if you have had a conviction on your record, it is NOT the end of the world, even if you have had a felony. Many felonies are expungeable. We have been successful in hundreds of expungement cases over the years and are eager to help you get a fresh start. Our fees are the most reasonable and the lowest in the State!