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A criminal charge can threaten your freedom, reputation, and future opportunities. If you have been charged with a crime in Utah, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and fight tirelessly for your freedom. At Utah Freedom Fighters, our team has decades of experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges in state and federal court. Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney knows exactly what it takes to help reduce your charges or even have your case dismissed. If you’re facing criminal charges, get in touch today for a free case review and start building a strong defense today!

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Our Clients Trust Us to Fight for Them

Experience matters when it comes to protecting your rights. Our defense attorney, Sean B. Druyon, has over two decades of experience in defending clients against various criminal charges in Utah. We have fought and won at every level of court, including the supreme court and courts of appeals. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you win your case.

We are dedicated to always doing what is in the best interest of our clients. We have built a reputation for providing quality representation tailored to the needs and goals of each client. Our expert defense attorney has a 99.5% client success rate and a proven track record of success representing clients in all types of criminal matters.

As a former prosecutor himself, our defense attorney has tried hundreds of cases from the other side and knows exactly how the prosecution works. His previous prosecuting experience provides valuable insight on what a winning defense strategy takes. He knows how to dominate the courtroom and won’t be intimidated by prosecutors or judges.

We have successfully handled over 3,500+ criminal defense cases throughout Utah. We are previous recipients of the AVVO client’s choice award for the top DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City. We’ve tried thousands of cases and are proud to have never had a bar complaint or an ineffective assistance of counsel claim, ever!

When your freedom is at stake, you deserve the best legal representation you can get to protect your rights. Utah Freedom Fighters fights aggressively in and out of the courtroom to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. We will do everything it takes to have your charges reduced or even dropped.

At Utah Freedom Fighters, we believe that every client has the right to a strong and effective defense team. This is why we strive to make high-quality legal representation affordable for everyone. We are proud to offer one of the most affordable rates in the area for attorneys with our level of experience.


Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Skilled Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney that defends clients against a wide range of criminal charges.

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What Can Our Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?

Being charged with a crime can have serious consequences for an individual. A seasoned criminal defense attorney can effectively help a client through various phases of the criminal process to ensure the best result is achieved. Whether you’re under investigation for a crime or already have charges filed against you, we can help protect your rights. Utah Freedom Fighters has represented individuals in each and every phase of the criminal process and is eager to make a difference in your case.

Once a criminal case is filed, even if it is eventually dismissed or the defendant is acquitted, that individual will still have those charges as part of their permanent record. After a certain amount of time has passed, they can petition the court for an expungement to have it removed from their record, which could be a significant cost in and of itself. Until the expungement is granted, the individual will have a criminal record. This can adversely affect employment, high security clearances, gun possession, privileges to drive and coach children’s sporting teams, voting, etc.

Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help you throughout each phase of the criminal process:

How Our Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Before Charges Are Filed

Before charges are filed, there is a great deal of work a criminal defense attorney can do in order to have an impact on whether charges are eventually filed on a particular case. The police are called out to the scene of a crime and interview the alleged victim, and often form an opinion that the suspect is guilty before interviewing anyone else. They then can prematurely pass the case onto the prosecutor and request that the case be filed in the court system.

It is best to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City right away to increase the chances of charges not being filed with the court. Let Utah Freedom Fighters fight for your freedom and get involved as soon as possible to ensure this result.

Here are some of the ways our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help you before charges are even filed:

Police Investigation

Police officers are supposed to be fact gatherers. However, what often happens is that law enforcement interviews the alleged victim, and then form a conclusion based on this sole interview. Whether this is a result of being lazy or a result of a hidden bias, an effective criminal defense attorney will expose these biases and use it to the client’s advantage in persuading the detective to drop the case, or at least interview additional witnesses and evidence in order to make the investigation more fair and balanced. Oftentimes, attorney Druyon successfully persuades law enforcement not to send the matter to the prosecutor’s office for screening and filing of a criminal charge.

Prosecutor Screening

Once the police have concluded their investigation, they will submit the evidence to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will review the witness statements, forensic evidence, and review any audio/video interviews the detective has conducted with the suspect and any other witnesses. If any of the evidence is unclear, the prosecutor may contact the detective to follow up to either clarify the evidence, or will instruct the detective to gather more evidence to determine whether the case is strong enough to at least have probable cause. Effective prosecutors will not file a charge unless they have a good-faith belief that the case is not only meritorious, but that the prosecutor will most likely prevail should the matter proceed to trial.

Avoiding an Arrest Warrant

If the prosecutor is adamant to file charges, then an effective criminal defense attorney will persuade the prosecutor to either not execute a warrant for your arrest or to lower the bail. An effective defense attorney may also persuade the prosecutor to file the charges as something less than he initially was going to file. For example, our criminal defense attorney has been able to persuade the prosecutor to reduce a felony DUI charge to a misdemeanor. Effective defense attorneys will also negotiate terms of release with agencies, such as Pretrial Services (PTS). This permits a person the opportunity to avoid being arrested without having to post bail or be incarcerated for days until the court schedules a bail hearing, which can take up to a week.

Preventing Bail Issues

Attorney Sean Druyon has handled hundreds of cases where bail was negotiated down or eliminated altogether. He has successfully negotiated Pretrial Releases for hundreds of clients or connected his clients to the best bail bonds companies in the state, preventing his clients from serving any excessive jail terms.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Once Charges Have Been Filed

Here are some of the ways our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help you once criminal charges have been officially filed:

Representing You in Court

Once charges have been filed, it is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome. At Utah Freedom Fighters, we have helped thousands of individuals wade through the criminal court process — from the initial appearance to the trial and beyond. We are committed to preparing for each and every hearing, and take pride in communicating with our clients what they need to do to prepare for upcoming hearings and/or trial, in addition to what we will do along each step of the way. When clients see that we have a clear game plan and execute that plan, it builds trust and confidence that the matter will be handled competently and effectively to help the client meet their objectives.

Negotiating & Posting Bail

If the prosecutor files criminal charges, our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney will negotiate either a low bail or no bail so the defendant will not have to spend a lot of money to get out of jail. A standard felony bail can range anywhere from $5,000 to over $250,000  depending on the type of crime. Our attorney will also negotiate a release to Pretrial Services so no bail will be required at all. If a pre-trial agreement is reached, the defendant may be required to periodically check in with a pre-trial supervisor to ensure they are still in the State of Utah and is aware of their upcoming court hearings.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help After Charges Have Been Resolved

Here are some of the ways our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help you after criminal charges have been dropped or resolved:

Reducing Your Criminal Charges

Even if you have a conviction on your criminal record, you may still be eligible for a reduction. A reduction can take a felony down to a misdemeanor, making you eligible for gun possession and ownership, voting, professional licensing, etc. It can also make you eligible for an expungement quicker, or eligible for an expungement at all. For example, under the current Utah Code, a Class A misdemeanor takes 5 years to expunge after probation has been successfully completed. A two step reduction would mean that you could get the conviction expunged in only three years. Additionally, a person with multiple misdemeanors may not qualify for an expungement; therefore, getting an expungement on misdemeanors down to infractions would then qualify the person for an expungement, whereas before they would not be eligible.

Expunging Your Criminal Record

Even if you have an arrest or conviction on your record, it is NOT the end of the world. After a certain amount of time has passed, your criminal case can be eligible for expungement, which is the act of removing the criminal charges from your record. We have been successful in hundreds of expungement cases over the years and are eager to help you get a fresh start. Our fees are the most reasonable and lowest prices in the state!

What Are The Penalties of a Criminal Conviction in Utah?

Due to the strict laws in Utah, a criminal conviction can come with severe penalties. Criminal charges can range from a misdemeanor to felony offense, depending on the nature of the offense. Therefore, the consequences of a conviction are also dependent on the severity of the case. The penalties you may face from a cyberstalking or internet crime conviction in Utah will vary depending on the nature of the offense, prior criminal history, and if any other aggravating factors are present.

Felony Criminal Convictions

For a felony conviction in Utah, there are three classifications:

  • F1:  up to $10,000 plus 90% surcharge and up to life in prison
  • F2: up to $10,000 plus 90% surcharge and up to 15 years prison
  • F3: up to $5,000 plus 90% surcharge and up to 5 years prison

Misdemeanor Criminal Convictions

For a misdemeanor conviction in Utah, there are also three classifications:

  • MA: up to $2,500 plus 90% surcharge and up to 1 year jail
  • MB: up to $1,000 plus 90% surcharge and up to 6 months jail
  • MC: up to $750 plus 90% surcharge and up to 3 months jail

Our expert criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City can help you fight the charges against you and minimize the negative impact a criminal conviction can have on your life. If you have been arrested for a crime in Salt Lake City or the state of Utah, contact our experienced defense attorney to understand how to fight the charges against you and win your case.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say
We’ve resolved over 3,500 cases with a 99.5% success rate.
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I hired Sean Druyon to take care of my felony DUI case this past year. He did an amazing job. I am studying and am a single mother and was concerned that I would have a felony on my record and would be going to prison. Sean got the felony dismissed! I am so pleased!
Read More
Sean Druyon took my case and was willing to work with me despite my history. He proactively researched drug rehab facilities and persuaded the courts to put me on probation instead of sending me to prison. I was able to do Drug Court and turn my life around.
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I would highly recommend Sean Druyon. He handled my son's DUI, and my husband's drug charges. He was able to get my son's reduced from a DUI to an open container violation, and my husband's matters will be dismissed.
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I was fortunate to have representation from Utah Freedom Fighters Mr Sean Druyon. He did a fantastic job presenting me with options and suggestions to handle the multiple charges I was facing. Thank you for doing what you do!
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We got the best attorney Sean Druyon for our case. He's also the best mediator we're truly blessed to have him work on our case. Sean was very effective with his evidence based approach which allowed the judge to see the truth of the matter.
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I needed a lawyer for the first time and found Sean on Google. After reading his reviews, I knew he could help us. I met with him and felt he would do everything he could to help me. He made himself available anytime we had a questions and got our case dismissed.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re charged with a crime in Utah, you legally have the right to defend yourself. However, it’s always in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Hiring a skilled lawyer like ours can make the difference between a conviction and having your charges dropped.

Criminal defense attorneys specialize in defending clients that have been accused of a crime. Some of the things a defense lawyer will do for you includes, but is not limited to:

  • Protect your rights
  • Provide expert legal advice
  • Thoroughly investigate your case
  • Collect police reports and any other evidence that can be used against you
  • Cross-examine witnesses Suppress evidence illegally obtained
  • Challenge inadequate evidence Develop a strong defense
  • Negotiate with prosecutors Represent you in court Advocate for the best outcome
  • Appeal convictions to higher courts
  • Expunging arrests and convictions from your criminal record

You should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, subjected to a search, interrogated by police, or involved in a criminal investigation. The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the more that can be done to build an effective defense.

The cost of a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City will depend on the type of crime, the complexity of the case, and the attorney’s level of experience. Less experienced lawyers offer the cheapest fees to attract new clients, while more experienced lawyers charge slightly more. It’s important to remember that the cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney is often far less than that of a conviction.

We are committed to making the best legal representation within reach to everyone. We provide quality legal representation at one of the most affordable rates in Salt Lake City. Our criminal defense attorney has successfully defended clients against criminal charges for over 20 years. We are proud to offer 2-3 times less than other attorneys in the area with similar levels of experience.

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