Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Lawyer

Very few criminal charges carry the same stigma as a charge of a sex crime. Even if the act was not actually committed, many others will automatically assume that the charged individual is guilty. The stigmas can be difficult to disassociate from and can last for years. From investigation and through trial, you need a lawyer you can trust to protect your rights.

Utah Freedom Fighters is respectful and confidential with all information relating to its clients and their cases. Our Salt Lake City attorneys have practiced criminal law for many years and are skilled in aggressively and confidentially representing our clients. Contact an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation.

Salt Lake City and Bountiful City Child Molestation Defense Attorneys

At our Utah firm, we defend the rights of individuals charged with sex crimes including:

There are serious penalties that are imposed on those convicted of a sex crime in the state of Utah, including jail or prison time and registration as a sex offender. Our lawyers have extensive experience defending clients in sex crimes cases and work diligently to minimize our clients’ exposure to these severe penalties.