DUI Survey: Can You Beat Your DUI?

Answer the following questions Yes or No

Was traffic fairly busy?

Did you walk on an “imaginary line” ?

Were you able to hold your leg up for 30 seconds ?

Was the officer unprofessional, mean, or threatening ?

Did the officer FAIL to check your mouth with a flashlight ?

Did the officer administer a Portable Breat Tester (PBT) prior to the field sobriety tests?

Did the officer tell you to blow “hard” into the Intoxilyzer ?

Did the officer threaten you with jail if you did not blow ?

Did the officer stop you for a “bogus” traffic infraction ?

Was there more than one officer/police car during the tests ?

Did the officer ask you to get out of your car almost immediately ?

Did you perform the tests in poor/cold weather ?

Did you do test with boots having more than a 2 inch heel ?

Was there a passenger in the car who observed the tests ?

Is this your first DUI arrest ?

Was the reason given for the stop slight or petty ?

Did they take only a breath test ?

Did the officer keep his rotating red and blue lights on ?

Were other officers at the scene while you were doing the field tests ?

Did the officer allow a passenger to drive your vehicle away or did they impound it?

Scoring Your Case
If you had 2-5 “Yes” answers = Poor to fair
If you had 6-10 “Yes” answers = Good
If you had 11-15 “Yes” answers = Very Good
If you had 16+ “Yes” answers = Excellent

Too many people just give up when facing a DUI without consulting a Utah DUI Defense specialist. They have already been through Hell and likely figure that they are not going to beat a “number” from a machine. The truth is that most DUIs, especially first DUIs, are either able to be reduced to a lesser charge or eliminated entirely, if the attorney is a trained DUI specialist. Utah DUIs are unlike DUIs anywhere else. Only Utah uses their Intoxilyzers with a single breath test rather than two tests, performed twenty minutes apart and within .020 of each other. And only Utah will allow you to become alcohol restricted without informing you of the ramifications. If you plead guilty the judge will not go “easier” on you. If you force the case to trial the judge can not punish you more. The penalties are statutory; they are pre-set. Do not make the State’s job easier for you because it has absolutely NO benefit for you. Contact a Utah DUI Attorney THAT WILL FIGHT TO GET YOUR CASE DISMISSED!