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In Utah, if you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving while impaired, you can face serious penalties. If you are located in Salt Lake City, we always suggest contacting a DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City to help you navigate through the process as seamlessly as possible.  In addition to large fines and mandatory substance abuse counseling, you could serve jail time and lose your driver’s license. A DUI conviction may also result in higher insurance rates, a mark on your criminal record and damage to your reputation. Read below for the 5 ESSENTIAL Steps to follow to avoid Jail and a Suspended License:



If you were given a citation for your DUI, which most drivers are, look at the bottom of the citation:  it will likely tell you that the citation is good as a TEMPORARY license for thirty days.  It will also tell you that you need to request a hearing with the Driver’s License Division within 10 calendar days or you will automatically lose your license after the thirtieth day.  WE WILL SEND THIS REQUEST FOR HEARING OFF FOR FREE IF YOU JUST GIVE US A CALL AT (801) 784-1571 .   NO OBLIGATION.  WE JUST WANT TO HELP YOU SO YOU DON’T HAVE ONE MORE THING TO WORRY ABOUT.  IF YOU REQUEST THE HEARING ON YOUR OWN YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN ANY EVIDENCE FROM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.  IF YOU HAVE US REQUEST THE HEARING WE WILL GET POLICE REPORTS, TOXICOLOGY REPORTS, WITNESS STATEMENTS, ETC., SO WE CAN BE FULLY PREPARED FOR THE HEARING.  EVEN IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO HIRE US, WE WILL SEND YOU ALL THE EVIDENCE WE OBTAIN FOR YOU FREE OF CHARGE.  We typically get the notice of hearing within a week to a week and a half after sending in the request, so there is not a lot of time to prepare.


The tab, above, contains the top ways to beat a DUI or have it significantly reduced.  Read those 15 ways and call us for a free consultation to discuss your case further.  You will see that DUIs are beatable and you should not give up just because it is “your word versus the cops word.”


The longer you wait the less prepared you and we can be and the more it will hurt your overall case.  We will go over all the ways we have obtained dismissals or significant reductions on other cases.  Please take advantage of this.  You need to meet with Mr. Druyon before making any decisions about other attorneys or even whether you will represent yourself or not.  Don’t go with the cheapest attorney out there.  There are many that just got out of law school or only have a few years of experience that might charge you less. Don’t be tempted to hire them because they are cheaper than others.  Sean Druyon has been practicing for over 13 years and has done thousands of cases and is the best overall value in the State.  Salt Lake City and Bountiful and Ogden DUI Lawyers that have his level of experience or less routinely charge $6,500-7,500 to defend against DUI charges.  Sean Druyon is one of the best values in the state because his fees are a fraction of that and he works just as hard to ensure a great result.  His fees typically are from $1,000-$3,000 depending on the level of aggressiveness you, the Client, want.  During this free consultation Sean Druyon will listen to your objectives and determine how to get what you want and need.  He will then know, based on his prior experience, how much work will be required to get you the result you want.  He can then give you an exact price.  Clients have expressed over and over that they love being able to shape the price of the overall fee.  Many lawyers are not very flexible and charge a significantly higher flat fee that “covers everything” but fail to tell their client that most cases do not go to trial; thus, those Attorneys enjoy a significant windfall if the case settles without a trial.  Mr. Druyon’s fees are reasonable and tailored to exactly what you, the Client, want and need.

4.  CHECK-IN WITH THE COURT WITHIN 5-14 DAYS OR A WARRANT WILL LIKELY BE ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST!  If you hire us we will take care of everything so no warrants will be issued!

If you haven’t decided on an attorney as of yet, at least call the court within 5-14 days and they will set up a first hearing for you.  That hearing will be called an Arraignment. This is where you will plead guilty or not guilty.  Whatever you do, DON’T go to this hearing alone.  It is best to have hired an attorney prior to this.  If you attend this alone, the prosecutor will want to talk to you and hear “your side of the story”.  Don’t be tempted to talk to him/her no matter how friendly and nice they seems to be.  We are not telling you this just to get your business.  Listen up:  the reason for not speaking to the prosecuting attorney is simple:  they want you to talk.  When you do you most likely will give them insights on how to beat you when you go to trial.  They will throw an offer out for you to consider but it will not be the best offer you can get.  If you don’t accept their offer, which often times includes a recommendation for “minimal jail the law requires” which they will tell you is two days for a first offense, they will then say, “Ok, let’s just set it for trial” knowing you won’t know how to try the case yourself, or present evidence, or know the rules of criminal procedure, much less know what questions to cross examine the police officer on.  Then everything you just told them, you know, your “side of the story”, can now be used against you at trial.  This gives them a significant advantage.  Don’t give them the advantage!  Hire us and we will file a document with the court entering a NOT GUILTY plea for you and asking the court to set the matter over for a pre-trial conference.  This is a conference between attorneys at the court house that encourages the attorneys to negotiate a resolution so a trial can be avoided.  Often times Mr. Druyon is able to get charges dismissed or significantly reduced due to his investigation and evidence he finds during that investigation that weakens the prosecutor’s case.  If not, he is prepared to try the case to a jury and win!


After sitting down with us for a free consultation, you need to hire us so we can take care of everything for you.  Clients have given us TOP REVIEWS (we won the AVVO 2014 Client’s Choice Award for DUI Attorney) and have been peer rated the highest rating possible by both prosecutors and opposing defense attorneys we have worked both with and against over the years.  We also have an average five star customer review rating from satisfied clients that feel we went above and beyond the call of “duty” for their case.  We have won at the Utah Supreme Court, federal courts, and all state court levels and we want to get a win for you as well.  If you hire us we pledge that we will be dedicated, zealous and will communicate regularly with you so you feel like we are getting you the best possible result.

Experienced Utah Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Our Salt Lake City and Bountiful law firm has more than forty years of combined criminal law experience. We have successfully argued against imposing DUI laws at the Capitol, have created favorable DUI laws so the punishments are not as harsh on first time offenders, and have regularly educated other attorneys on DUI procedure and protocol.  Sean Druyon, the founding attorney, is on the Board of Directors of the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, where he serves on the Executive Committee as the Secretary, and is on the legislative and technology committees.  He has published articles and advised other attorneys on proper DUI procedures and protocols.  We also have on our staff retired members of law enforcement that research whether police on your case have violated police protocol and policy in obtaining evidence used against you.  Often times police either make up reasons to stop a vehicle, or they plant evidence, or they doctor up the police reports to make you seem more guilty.  All of this is a violation of your rights and if the police do this they need to be held accountable.

With our over forty years of combined criminal experience, we routinely and successfully challenge inadequate police reports and other evidence. We will look at whether the police had a legal reason to stop you in the first place, whether they exceeded their authority in keeping you longer than justified under the law, whether they asked more questions they were legally entitled to when they stopped you, whether they had enough indicators of alcohol to even ask you to get out of your vehicle, whether they improperly gave you the portable breath test prior to administering the standard field sobriety tests, whether they did the standard tests out of order or not, whether they sufficiently explained AND demonstrated each test, whether the conditions were favorable to perform the tests, whether they had you face oncoming traffic or not, whether their emergency lights were on still, whether you could see those lights while doing the testing, whether other vehicles were passing by that had headlights flashing in your eyes, whether they checked your mouth prior to administering the breath test, whether they properly read you your rights and gave you the right to refuse to take the breath test, whether the results of a breath or blood test were valid, how the process was conducted, and whether the officer was even certified to do any of the test or operate the breath tester.  Call us now for a free consult and we will tell you how we can help you on your case!