Salt Lake City Telephone Harassment Defense Lawyer

Charges of harassment are not necessarily limited to that which occurs in person. Telephone harassment is also a crime and can come with significant penalties for those who are convicted. A class B misdemeanor conviction can come with up to six months in jail and a permanent mark on a criminal record, in addition to fines upwards of $1,900 per count.

At Utah Freedom Fighters, our dedicated lawyers represent individuals who have been arrested for telephone harassment and related charges in Utah. With more than a decade of legal experience, we have successfully defended those who are under investigation for or have already been arrested on domestic violence and assault offenses and are facing the serious consequences that can come with them.

Experienced Bountiful Stalking Defense Attorneys

The type of behavior that is considered “telephone harassment” is fairly subjective. While threats of physical harm are considered harassment, the continued use of lewd or lascivious language can also be a criminal act. What constitutes lewd or lascivious language is not as easy to define. Additionally, repeatedly calling could theoretically also result in a charge, regardless of what is said during that call, or if anything is said.

Do not take a charge of telephone harassment lightly, and certainly do not attempt to contact the alleged victim to “smooth things over.” Instead, get the legal representation you need and fight the harassment charges.