Salt Lake City Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

A false accusation of child abuse can be one of the most devastating experiences a parent ever faces. Although it is important to consider the best interests of a child, parents should not be unfairly harmed, especially when abuse is not present or is being wildly embellished. At Utah Freedom Fighters, our attorneys represent parents who need an experienced advocate to fight false accusations of child abuse in Utah and expose bias, improper motive of a child, or uncover mental illness that may be contributing to the false allegations.

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Hiring an attorney at the earliest stage of the case, even before charges are filed, can make a significant difference. In the early stages of the case, your attorney can review evidence and contact the prosecutor to discuss the case even before any filing decision has been made. At Druyon Law Offices, P.C., we will provide effective criminal defense at all stages of the process.

Experienced Utah Domestic Violence Defense

Child abuse allegations are damaging for families. Law enforcement officers who investigate claims of child abuse often make errors when telling the difference between genuine victims of child abuse from children who present false or exaggerated claims of abuse. Sometimes, these claims are the result of coaching from another parent seeking sole custody, or seeking to terminate the other parents parental rights altogether, which can make these determinations even more difficult.

Not only do false child abuse allegations harm the suspect, they also minimize claims of actual abuse from parents and children who really need the help. Resources that could have been devoted to protecting real victims are instead used to damage innocent people.