Blood Alcohol Content

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How many drinks does it take to reach the legal limit?

The real answer is, that’s an unfair question. It varies from person to person depending on a number of different variables. Depending upon your weight, age, gender, and body fat percentage it can be anywhere between one and five drinks to get your BAC (blood alcohol content) to the legal limit. It also depends on what type of drinks you have, If you have food in your stomach, or if you’ve been on any medications? Because there are so many factors involved, it is not advisable to create any definitive number of drinks to determine the legal limit. Some people feel like they know their tolerance level so well that they can tell has many is too many, and how many is still okay to drive. This is an unsafe practice as any one of a dozen different factors could influence your tolerance level at any given time and you cannot be sure you’re not impaired. The best practice to assure that you are not driving impaired is to never drink and drive. Sometimes for certain people one drink can be enough to impair judgement and make you a danger behind the wheel. Be smart, be safe, drive sober.

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